Senior Fullstack Developer

Offer: depending on experience
Contract: Permanent
Location: Cape Town

We are looking for a strong Senior Full Stack Developer, to join one of our exciting product
development teams that is expanding rapidly in Europe, with our unique Recycling Lottery
product. The ideal candidate will have experience delivering products using agile software

Job Description
You will be responsible for delivering high quality code by following an agile development
methodology. The role will require you to communicate effectively and be passionate about
mentoring team members.

The role plays an important part in our company’s product development process. Your
experience and involvement developing complex business solutions using the best technology
and having a track record with consistent, quality deliverables; will make you the perfect
addition to the team.

You will be involved in turning business requirements into technical solutions. Helping the team
understand the technical requirements, so that they can achieve consistent velocity. You will
have a passion for delivering quality software, and an understanding of clean code principles.
Our teams are exposed to quality learning platforms, and if you’re self-driven, you will be able
to learn and use that knowledge to improve your own skills and deliver better solutions to the

● Interacting with technical (architects) and non-technical (business) stakeholders
● Proposing and implementing efficient business & technical goals
● Code reviews
● Mentoring team members
● Improving code quality through unit and integration testing practices
● Migrating logic from Oracle functions and procedures to microservices

Key Skills
● Frameworks like Angular 2+, React, Vue, etc
● Spring Web
● Springboot
● Minimum Java 11 competence
● SQL and NoSQL databases
● Rest API development
● Cloud development and/or migrations
● DevOps tools & methodologies
● Good understanding of the software testing life cycle.

Desirable Extras
While you are expected to perform independently and also on complex tasks, you will never be
without support. Below are some desirable extras on which you will receive support, while
getting up to speed:
● Solid knowledge of Promises, Observables & RxJS
● Javascript Testing Frameworks like MochaJS, Jasmine, Karma, Jest, Marble, etc
● Java Testing Frameworks like, Mockito, Powermock, JUnit5, RestAssured, etc
● Good understanding of Mocking, Spying, Stubbing
● Microservice development
● Working knowledge of Webpack
● Oracle Database (procedures and functions)
● Functional programming in Java
● Reactive programming in Java

Personal Characteristics
● Display strong problem solving and analytical skills
● A lateral thinker, who can solve problems using creative reasoning.
● Proactively seek out areas of inefficiency within the scope of the role, taking action to
make continuous improvements.
● A curious person who learns and improves their professional skills.
● Enthusiasm to learn and expand your technical knowledge as both a manual and
automation engineer.
● A dependable person, who delivers consistent quality.
● You will collaborate well within a team environment and develop relationships with the
other teams and stakeholders in your area.
● Friendly, positive and proactive attitude to your role and your colleagues.

The Team
The development team consists of a team leader, two Java developers and an automated test
developer. The team will interact with the product owner, a development manager, and a
technical architect.

About Us
Wonderlabz is a software development company that develops games and systems for the
regulated online gambling market. We pride ourselves in the fact that we maintain a sustainable
working environment that brings long term job satisfaction, evident in the fact that our core
staff have been with us for more than a decade. We strive to be a leader in the use of
technology to provide scalable, performant, world-class products.

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