On a mission to simplify gaming

We deliver faster, smarter and better without losing any flexibility with quickly adapting to new trends and technology.

Having the means, skills and flex to make it happen. Primarily we are focusing on opportunities in the gaming industry and as a part of businesses strategy to produce software for different market segments in the gaming industry. Lets make software simple!


Since 2007, we have helped 25 companies launch over 1k incredible slot games!


Creative minds

We choose our teams carefully. Our people are the secret to great work,


Conquer the best

We stay lean and help our customers to scale they growth.


Effortless updates

We are up-to-date to the latest technology trends and features.


Strong empathy

We’ve user tested our own process by shipping over 1k products for clients.


Actionable results

Extensive reporting functionality gives your team critical insight into their business processes.


Stay curious

We dedicate time for researching and experimentation to increase creativity and imagine new challenges.

Think you got what it takes to deliver great products?

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